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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Candlestick Jars

Some of you may know that I am one of the new contributors over at A Blissful Nest! I will mainly be focusing on party/entertaining crafts and tutorials.I have been brainstorming lots of fun things to share with you to help inspire your own exciting parties and events. Today I am finally going to share with you this fun and easy tutorial to create your own candlestick apothecary jars that I made for my Easter Peeps Party found here.
Materials:Candlesticks (various sizes) – The Wood Connection (Utah), Hobby Lobby or wood/craft store
Wooden knobs – The Wood Connection (Utah), Hobby Lobby or craft store
Glass containers – Hobby Lobby
Wooden plaques – Hobby Lobby
Gorilla glue – any craft store
Paint and brushes – craft stores
I was able to get most of the supplies on sale and the total cost was under $15!
Step One: Gorilla Glue your candlesticks to wood plaques, and wood knobs to lids.I wanted to add a little more texture to the lids, so as I was browsing Hobby Lobby and found these little wood painted Earth’s and figured they would work since I was just going to paint over them.
Step Two: PAINT! Mine took a couple coats since it was a lighter color.
Step Three: When your paint is dry, pipe a ring of Gorilla glue around the top of your candlesticks and center base of jars onto them. Hold firmly into place for a few minutes while the glue sets.
Step Four: Once glue has fully dried, screw on lids to enjoy the finished product!
I just love them!
Step Five: Fill jars... I filled mine with jelly beans, M&M's, and Robin Eggs for Easter.

You can fill your jars with pretty much anything your heart desires! Fancy them up with bows too. They are great for entertaining or home decor! You can paint them any color to match your kitchen or home and leave them up all year. Fill them at each holiday with special treats : Valentines Day – conversation hearts, Halloween – candy corn, and so on. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and please feel free to comment or share! Also be sure to check back at A Blissful Nest soon for more great tips, parties, and giveaways!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Peeps Activities

Here are just a few ideas for Peep themed things you can do and create for your own party...
Painting with my Peeps I got my peeps pre-cut, but if you have a scroll saw you can totally cut them out yourself. Here is a template you can use (same one for the bunting tutorial). If not take the template in to a local wood crafting shop and see what they can do, it is usually pretty inexpensive. We used sponge brushes to paint, and jewel stickers for the eyes. They turned out really cute, and the kids had so much fun painting.
Peeps T-shirts All you need for this project is some plain shirts, your own printer, Fabric Transfer Sheets (got mine at walmart), iron, and your image. I found these free peeps images online here, but be sure to reverse the image when you print them so they will be facing the right direction when you iron them on! Then you just follow the directions in your transfer sheets, some vary. This project was so easy, you will just have to give it a try!

That is all my tips for this little party we had. I hope it has helped and inspired some of you and thanks again for checking us out! Hope you all have a great Easter holiday!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Peeps Decorations

Here are just a couple quick and easy DIY peep decoration tips that I used for our party...
Bunny Peep Centerpiece I found this idea and tutorial at Celebrations At Home and fell in love. The use of putting the bunnies on skewers to double as treat and decoration, genius! Their full tutorial is available here, but I got my products mostly at Hobby Lobby for under $15 total!

Peep Bunting I am not a super seamstress and RARELY sew, but this was such a fun and easy project! Seriously something that beginners can easily do. The full tutorial with the pattern and step by step instructions is available here from the fabulous Dana from MADE.

Candle Stick Jars I just loved how these turned out! Unfortunately I am not going to be posting this full tutorial just yet... I am saving it for special guest post on another blog, but then will post it here again too for all of you in a week. I am so sorry to disappoint any one!
I hope you enjoyed those as well. Tomorrow I will be posting a just few more tutorials for the activities. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Peeps Food

Here are some fun and easy treat tutorials that I used for our party yesterday....

Peep drinks I saw these chocolate dipped peeps at the grocery store and the idea just came to me! So I picked up some blue juice and clear cups. Pretty simple! I am sure that you could dip the bases of your own peeps if you cannot find the packaged ones. They worked out perfect and kept them afloat without sinking or flipping on their sides.

Peep bird nests
This was probably the easiest treat I have ever made! Chow Mien noodles, chocolate, Cadburry eggs and peeps! If you have never made these before, you can find the instructions online everywhere! Here is an easy one for example.
Peep Sugar Cookies
My dear friend from Lil G's Cookies made these for me, but she followed the full tutorial that is available here from the amazing Sweet Sugar Belle
Hatch a baby Peep
For this project you will need a bag of chocolate melts ( you can use Wilton, or semi sweet baking chips), peepe, edible grass, mini eggs, chocolate egg mold, clear cupcake boxes, Easter grass, ribbon, and a disposable decorating bag (or ziplock bag will work too).
You can find molds online, craft stores, or restaurant supply stores. I got a 4" size egg so I could fit a whole peep without cutting or smashing it. First melt your chocolate according to package directions. Fill both sides of the mold completely. Tap lightly on the counter to remove any air bubbles. Then pour out the excess chocolate, but be sure to make sure all sides of the mold are completely covered with chocolate and place in freezer to firm up. While chocolate is setting, brake up pieces of edible grass and break apart peeps. When chocolate has set up, gently turn out on counter top. Fill your decorating bag with extra chocolate and snip off the end Fill the bottom half of the egg with grass, a peep, and some mini eggs Then using your chocolate filled bag pipe chocolate around the edges and place top half on. Hold together firmly for about 30 seconds. Wipe off excess chocolate. You may have to use a knife to smooth out larger chunks. Fill your cupcake box (I got mine online here) with some grass (I also put in some smaller candies to add color), tie with ribbon and top with free printable tag found here. Kids get a fun little surprise when they break open their eggs!

I hope that this gives you all some fun ideas and help. Please feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions. Tomorrow I will be posting tutorials for the decorations so be sure to check back then. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Party for my Peeps

I love the idea of PEEPS = Friends, so I decided what a fun playdate this would be for my youngest and her peeps! I immediately started looking for fun ideas to incorporate peeps into the food, decor, and activities, but not over doing it! Also the key to this party is that I wanted it to be budget friendly and something that anyone can do with out breaking the bank. So I am pleased to show you some details from our day and also all the tutorials will follow throughout the week so you can create your own Easter/Peeps Party!

Here is our snack table, wanted to keep it simple and fun. Everything on here is all do it yourself and very inexpensive! To start our I just got fabric from Hobby Lobby that was on sale for the backdrop and table cloth. The cake stand and plate were items I already had. Always check to see what you have on hand and how you can use them to save money from buying new things, you will be surprised at what you will find and can do!
DIY Peep bunting
DIY Peep bird nests - yummy!
DIY candlestick jars
I filled them with Robin Eggs, M&M's, and Jellybeans
DIY Bunny Peep display
This was such a cute way to display the peeps and I loved that they were on sticks, so the kids could just come up and grab one out (then just pop another one in its place)
DIY 'Hatch a Peep' party favors
These were fun (and a little messy) to make, but the kids sure loved them! Chocolate eggs filled with a baby peep and some candy that they got to break open.
DIY Peep sugar cookies

DIY Floating Peeps drinks
The kids LOVED these!

'Painting with my Peeps'
We had a fun little art craft for the kids to do.
They each painted there own little peep! The peeps were just wood cut outs. You can find an outline or pattern online and trace and cut them our yourself if you have a scroll saw. If not, check around for local wood shops to see if they can do it. Mine were a little over a dollar each, pretty cheap. Each setting also had a basket (from dollar store- fancied up with some colored grass and a bow) with a t-shirt so they don't get their own clothes all dirty.
Foam brush, bottle of paint, jewel stickers (for the eyes and nose), paper plate and paper place mat
DIY Peep T-Shirts

So darn cute!

We had a little Easter egg hunt for our activity. All the mommies brought a dozen pre-filled eggs to share, another great way to break up the cost. We hid them around the back yard for the hunt. This was nice because there was plenty to go around and all the kids were about the same age so there wasn't any one kid that just buzzed around and got them all either.

Thank you for checking out our Peeps playdate and hope that it inspires your own! Check back for all the tutorials for everything you have seen here, tomorrow I will be posting all ones for the treats and drinks. Hope you have a Happy Easter!