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Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Followup...

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day! I promised a followup to see if the leprechaun trap actually worked. Well, unfortunately it did not :( But we did get a visit and some interesting surprises! Now we can't be sure what exactly happened the night before but here is our theory from the evidence....

We decided to leave out a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal (one of their favorites) to entice the leprechaun to come to our house in hopes of catching him. From the looks of it, he came in through our back door, onto the counter top and ate some.... but only the marshmallows!

Then we figured he went down the counter and saw the pot of gold we left out on the trap...
The trap went off, but not fast enough because it looks like he got away! Though he did leave behind a $1 gold coin and a little note.
Then we follow the footprints down the hall
After researching leprechauns online to prepare for this day, I did learn that they are shoe makers, and really have quite a fetish for shoes. I also learned that if you leave a pair of shoes out, they might fill them with treats, or just steal them.... Luckily ours were filled with chocolate coins, candy, and shirts! What a nice little leprechaun!

After filling our shoes, I guess he needed to take a potty break and forgot to flush... kinda nasty!
... and play with the toilet paper a bit too
Then it looks like he headed back down the hall and out the back door.
Well that is our hypothesis from what we could see...
the kids really got a kick out the little visit, but decided to build a better trap next year to ensure victory!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Party

In past years we have never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day, other than just wearing green. But after reading about it more, there are so many fun things that you can do! So this year we decided to make more fun and have a little party. My son invited a few friends over for some treats, games and activities. Let's start off with always my favorite... the treats! I wanted to create a mini snack table that the kids would find fun and colorful.

A large pot of chocolate gold coins was the centerpiece for the table, then we had shamrock cupcakes, wax lips, little leprechaun cookies, rainbow jello, and green juice to drink.

All the kids built Leprechaun traps for our activity. There are TONS of fun different styles and designs available online. My son picked out one that he liked and we built a sample one for a test run. When you lift the pot of gold, the cage falls down...

For the party, I pre-cut and assembled all the bases for the traps. Then the kids glued on the grass, cut out trails, and made the tissue rainbows.
All the kids had such a fun time building their own and talking about how they were going to catch a leprechaun and what they would do with all the gold he would give them! Here is my little cutie with his finished one...
One of the games the kids played was 'Don't Eat Lucky'. The game was a free printable and instructions found here.
The kids went on a little scavenger hunt to find their party favors, little pots of chocolate gold coins.
We also had some little fun photo props for the kids, my favorite was the leprechaun disguise kit...
Needless to say it was way fun and a huge success. This may become a tradition every year!
I will let you all know if the trap worked and we caught something... so check back later to see what happens!

Vendor Credits:
Event Styling and Photographs: Sweeten Your Day
Rainbow Backdrop: Backdrops by Splash
Leprechaun cookies: Katie Duran
St. Patrick's Party labels, bottle wraps, and other printables: Blissful Nest Studio
Trap design and instructions, scavenger hunt clue printables, and leprechaun disguise kit printable: Disney Family Fun
Shamrock cupcake toppers: Sweeten Your Day