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Friday, May 29, 2015

Minion Teacher Appreciation

This year I was the room mom for my son's 3rd grade class. It has been a blast! But it has also given me a chance to get to know his teacher on a more personal level as well, and I could not have been more appreciative of all she has done for my son as well as the rest of the students in the class. She really was a lifesaver and went above and beyond the 'regular teacher' to help these kids succeed! I wanted to do something a little extra to show our gratitude and appreciation for all her hard work this year. So I asked the teacher if we could have an 'end of the year' party for the class, she said yes of course ") but I chose to make it more of a surprise thank you as well!

Usually the parties are right after their lunch/recess so that is when I usually rush into the classroom and set up the decorations for all the parties. This is pretty stressful and I am sure I look like a frantic mad lady, but thanks so the help of my good friend/next door neighbor it usually gets all done by the time the kids get back!

The desks were divided up into 4 tables and we threw on some table clothes, a quick centerpiece with some banana shaped confetti, and some snacks on each desk. 
Each place setting had a cute little box of popcorn, mini water bottle, Minion goggles, and a Minion-ized banana.  
For the centerpieces I covered an empty soup can with some blue denim patterned paper, filled with some curled yellow ribbon and a large cut out of a letter P (for Mrs. Porter) to resemble Gru's logo.
I just adored these water bottle labels!
We also set up a fun little treat table in honor of the teacher...
I made a small little Minion cake for the teacher to take home.
All the facial expressions just crack me up!
and these cookies were just too cute to eat!
Little 'P' logo cupcake toppers ")
I simply could not get over the cuteness of these banner letters.
This little guy was pure AWESOMENESS! It is a balloon over 40" tall that has weights on the bottom so he just stands and doesn't float away. He was a hit with all the kids!
To kick off the party the kids watched 6 mini Minion Movies while eating their snacks. Each movie is only 3-5 minutes each, perfect for just a short activity and treats.
After the movies they kids broke off into 4 different rotations for some more games and activities.
The first one was one I called 'Minion Pong'
The group was divided into 2 teams, one team had a blue paddle and the other had a yellow paddle (large tongue depressor/craft sticks glued onto the backs of paper plates), and given balloons with Minion faces on them.
The object of the game was to hit the balloons back and forth over a line on the floor and try not to let it hit the floor on your teams side. If it did hit the floor the other team got a point. 
Pretty simple but very fun!
The kids created their own Minion for a craft station.
and played Minion Operation for another rotation...
For the last station the kids each thought of something like liked about their teacher and wrote it on the big poster. After they signed it they each got a cupcake to eat and lollipop to take home from the treat table.
For this I created a poster in Photoshop and sent it over to Costco to print. Then glued it onto a 20"x 30"piece of foam core board. This was so cute and some of the things the kids wrote were really sweet! It was a great way to end the year and the teacher got to keep this to look back on.
I almost forgot to mention that we hung up a large 3'x5' backdrop on the classroom white board that the kids could get their picture taken in front of if they wanted
My little Minion ")
Mrs. Porter's Minions 2014-2015
Thanks again so much for a wonderful year Mrs. Porter, we love you!

Event Styling and Photographs: Sweeten Your Day Events
Large Minion Backdrop: PartyPropPrints
Printable Minion Popcorn Boxes: ClaudellCrafts
Printable Minion Letter Banner: InstandBirthday
Printable Minion Faces Assortment: Distinctly Digital
Minion Cookies: MartaIngros
Custom Water Bottle Labels: LetsPrintAParty4U
Minion Movies and Operation Game: Amazon
Minion Goggles, Jumbo Balloon, Lollipops: Birthday Express

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grinch Classroom Party

So this year I am the room mom for my son's 3rd grade class, in past years I have only been 'Co-room mom' or just helped out whenever, so I have only had to plan one party throughout the year or so. But this year I have been in charge of all of them... Halloween, Christmas, and upcoming Valentines Day. For Halloween we did a Harry Potter theme, it was so much fun but I got so busy I forgot to take pictures and document everything... so I made sure to do it for this party!  One of my friends is the room mom for her son's class as well so we have been getting together and doing the planning for the parties, it is nice to share the insanity (and cost) with someone ") Anyway we decided that for Christmas to do something with the beloved book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss. After much brainstorming, Googling, and lots of hours cutting and crafting I am proud to share our Grinchmas celebration!

To start off, on the 1st day of December we gave all the kids these adorable booklets we printed off found on to get them excited and in the spirit of Christmas! In the booklet it describes the Grinchmas season as doing one good deed each day and to spread holiday cheer. They come with all sorts of ideas that the kids can do each day. I just LOVE these!
Also in the booklet we included activity sheets, a Who-Pudding recipe, and a page where the kids could help give back by mailing in 3 good deeds that had done and Random House would donate a book to a child in need in their community! How amazing is that!
To help the kids remember to be doing good deeds I also made a large Grinch for the classroom and placed him on the wall with a pile of hearts that were cut out. Throughout the month when kids saw or did random acts of kindness, they would fill out a heart of what they saw/did and place it on the Grinch to help his heart grow.
 There was lots of love in that classroom by the end of the month!
The day of the classroom party I decorated the outside of the classroom to welcome the kids to Whoville for their 
Whobilation Celebration!
Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze! Welcome Christmas!
When the kids came inside the Grinch and Cindy Lou were there to great them, along with some classroom presents.
The classroom was also decorated for the celebration...
one of my favorite elements were the hanging ornaments from the ceiling, they just added that extra touch that makes me smile ")
For the party the kids watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
After the movie the kids enjoyed a Who Feast!
For the feast we served a can of Who Hash...
Our version of Who Hash was Chex Mix, pretzels, and M&M's. The can labels were designed by Food In Literature.
some delicious Who Pudding... 
and a drumstick of  Who Roast Beast!
Aka: bag of popcorn
Special 'Whoville Guest' chair covers
Adorable straw flags from Soiree-Event Design.
 WH-2-O beverages
I absolutely adored these bottle labels from Make It Festive on Etsy.
After the feast the kids were divided into 3 groups and rotated around to different activities. 
One of the rotations was a Grinch Punch-a-bunch game.
I set up a board with holes cut out to place cups in covered with tissue paper. The cups were all pre-filled and decorated for the party and so we just swapped out used ones with new cups for each rotation of kids. The kids would punch through an ornament and inside would be a question about the movie/book and a prize. 
There were 2 different prizes they could win, one was a bag of green sixlet Grinch pills
and the other was a Grinch 'licked' candy cane ")
 The next rotation station was a Grinch ornament craft for the kids to make. These were so adorable and easy to do! 
The kids each got a clear ornament and swirled green paint inside. We had Grinch vinyl faces that the kids put on the outside of the ornaments, then colored the eyes yellow with a paint marker, and hot glued (an adult did the gluing) a strip of green feather boa around the top.
Then they flipped them over and put a heart sticker on the back and attached a tag with an ornament hook.
The last rotation was a photo booth were they could take fun pictures with their friends. 
The Grinchmas banner was also from Make It Festive on Etsy, thanks again so much Mandy!

Thanks Kim and Lori from That's So Creative for sharing the wonderful props and inspiration!
Here are a few poses from some of the kids that I am friends with their mothers and they gave me permission to post
their kids picture...

There are so many other fantastic Grinch themed games, food ideas, and parties you could include or change for your own celebrations but I hope you enjoyed seeing our class party and wish you all a
  very Merry Grinchmas!

Tips: This party was actually not too expensive. I used rolls of wrapping paper on sale from Hobby Lobby for the table runners, chair covers, photo backdrop and other areas; parents donated all the food for the feast; we used butcher paper from the school to make the whoville arch, whoville characters and grinches; the booklets were free printables and we bound them at the school as well; clear ornaments, paint, feather boas, paper straws, and ribbon were also on sale at Hobby Lobby; and all the cups, tissue paper, poster board and other little various items
 were from the dollar store.