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Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Great to be 8!

My sweet little guy turned 8 this year, which is an important age in our church. 8 is the age when children can choose to be baptized and make certain promises to our Father in Heaven. If you would like to learn more about our religion and baptism you can go here
This is a special decision that each person makes and we like to support and celebrate it! To prepare our son for this decision we discussed the responsibilities and meanings of the promises we make at baptism and how this is the first of many steps in following our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
When he decided that he would like to get baptized we sent out invitations to all our close friends and family to share in this experience. Also the primary leaders from our church gave him a special towel  that he could use on his baptism day.
Here is a cute poem that explains the symbol of the towel
When guests arrived we had a table set up with programs and a special set of scriptures that they could mark and share their testimonies for him to keep.
I had the pleasure of working with Kara from Pocket Full of Pixels and her adorable designs. She created all the invitations, programs, printables, and custom signs for our celebration.
After the baptism ceremony we had a brunch for all our friends and family. When planning the brunch I wanted to carry the blue and green color scheme from the invitations and programs into the tables and set up.
I also wanted to add some sort of element to add variety and accent the color scheme as well, so I decided to use neckties for this occasion.
We got various pictures of Mason taken around one of the temples and put them on the tables for centerpieces along with some scriptures and flower vases. 
Here was one of my favorite pictures...
We let Mason pick what to eat for the brunch since this was his celebration, and he immediately decided on waffles (his favorite breakfast food). As I was searching around for different ideas I found this adorable idea and printables for an LDS themed waffle bar from Joann's Special and just had to use it!

I did a necktie napkin fold to place the forks in... I am just loving it!

We had family members bring their waffle irons and set up a large table for guests to cook their own waffles.
 Now for the fun part, the toppings!

I adjusted some of the waffle bar flavors from Joann's Special to fit the tastes of younger guests, but kept the titles because they were just too perfect!

A savory one for those who don't have a sweet tooth...

 We kept beverages simple and served bottled water, but of course had to have matching labels!

 And one with a necktie just for fun!

There was a table of treats set up as well...
just encase you didn't get enough sugar!
To style this table I used key elements from a setup in Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas but in a blue and green scheme. The preppy look with the neckties were just perfect for our event! 
number 8 donut pops
Kit Kat bar covenant reminders...
Little treat boxes filled with blue and green M&M's and tied with a little blue necktie
Loved these coordinating cupcake toppers
The most adorably delicious CTR cookies ever made by my neighbor, maybe one day she will start selling them online and you can all taste the deliciousness!!!
"Chews" the right gumball tubes

Event Styling and photographs: Sweeten Your Day
Dessert table inspiration: Amy Atlas
Banner, invitations, programs, signage, candy bar wrappers, tags, and cupcake toppers: Pocket Full of Pixels
Waffle bar printables: Joann's Special