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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hollywood Teacher Appreciation Week

This year I was asked to plan the Teacher Appreciation week for my son's school. I have been so grateful for all his teachers and those who work at the school so I jumped at the chance! I knew exactly the theme I wanted to go with and how I wanted it presented.... I decided on the theme "You're A Star" with a Hollywood feel to it. About 2 weeks before the event I put up flyers around the school to get the students and teachers excited. At our school we usually have daily themes/activities that kids can participate in to show their gratitude. Here they were...
Then the week before we passed out flyers to all the teachers of the daily events we had planned for them...
We also sent home reminders sheets to all the students of the daily activities so they could come prepared that Monday...
(for the teacher information sheet we gave the teachers a quiestionairre to fill out of some of their favorite things like restauraunts, treats, drinks, hobbies, flowers, family friendly moives, etc. Then we typed the information all up on a spread sheet and sent home with the reminder sheets.)

  One of the most popular things that the teachers look forward to during this week are the door decorations! About 2 months before the event I set up signups for people to decorate all the doors (teachers, office workers, librarian, custodians, aids, school nurse, etc... even one for the bus drivers), with a total of 62 doors it wasn't an easy task! Then the Friday before teacher appreciation week all the volunteers came in after school and decorated the teachers door so they could see it on Monday morning. They all looked so great! Here is the door that I did...
I wanted to keep with the theme for my door, but was totally blown away at the creativity and details of all the other ones people made. You can see them on our school PTA blog here.
Now for the part that I was REALLY excited for... decorating the school! Normally the doors are the only things that get done up for teacher appreciation week but I just couldn't help myself... 
I really couldn't!

The Saturday before we got keys from one of the teacher and snuck in to decorate so it would be a big surprise to everyone on Monday morning!  We hung a large marquee banner I made in the library so everyone would be reminded as they came to school or drove past.
Our schools name is Hidden Hollow, so I made large HOLLOWOOD letters to look like the Hollywood sign to set the mood as they entered the school, I know kinda cheesy but I loved it anyway!
We created a large 'Walk of Fame' when you came through the doors.
We had a total of 92 teachers and staff (including all the aids, lunchroom workers, custodians, office,  specialty teachers, etc.) because we didn't want to leave anyone out, they all are an important part of our school! So we had to have some of the stars go around the staircase and down hallways. 
We printed off the stars on regular paper and then used clear contact paper to stick them to the ground. I was worries about them lasting the whole week, but they all held up really well with no problems!
The teachers and kids absolutely LOVED this! The kids would search the whole school looking for their teachers and hop from square to square while they went down the halls.
To make the personalized Walk of Fame stars I purchased these large Walk of Fame star from Windy City Novelties. Then I scanned one of them into my computer using a printer/scanner. I was able to edit, personalize, and print them as needed (which is a good thing when you realize you spelled a couple of the names wrong!) Then we covered them with clear contact paper to adhere to the ground and protect them throughout the week, they held up wonderfully and peeled off super easy when it was time to clean up!
We also decorated the faculty lounge.
The teachers got to walk to red carpet as they entered the lounge with stars and hollywood lights hanging down.
Complete with red ropes and paparrazzi!
We also covered all the tables with black table clothes and added some red tinsel and gold stars to dress them up a bit.
Each day we treated the teachers and staff with food or refreshments in the lounge to enjoy.
MONDAY - VIP Breakfast
Parfait bar breakfast
We wanted to serve something that was not too heavy but also healthy enough that the teachers could customize to their diet.
Fresh fruits and yogurts to choose from...
Delicious waffle bowls so they could eat this breakfast on the go because we know how busy teachers are!
TUESDAY - Walk the Red Carpet
Refreshments served in the lounge all day
The centerpiece for this dessert bar were these AMAZING cookies my neighbor made!
Licorice movie reels
Star shaped brownies with covered with edible gold sparkle dust
Movie reel, megaphone, camera, and clapperboard table decorations...
Tuxedo Chocolate Trifles - complete with little bow-ties!
Red velvet whoopie pies with cream cheese filling
We passed out gifts to all the teachers and staff.
Also there was fresh veggie bowls on all the tables for the teachers to snack on in the lounge.
We put together 'Swag Bags' for all the teachers and staff and hand delivered them all to the classes and workrooms. The bags had the school logo on them and inside was a movie night!
Each bag had a movie theater candy box,
an adorable thank you poem,
a bag of microwave popcorn,
a 16oz drink,
and a Redbox code for a free rental.
Wednesday was also the day the students brought gifts to their teachers, here is my little man and his fabulous teacher! She has really worked hard and we are so grateful for her!
THURSDAY - Star Treatment
A local chiropractor came and did FREE massages in the lounge for the teachers during lunch, which was SO AWESOME! Another mom made lots of different yummy flavors of popcorn and we set up a popcorn bar for them to snack on while they relaxed!
FRIDAY - The Star You Are
We served a taco salad bar for lunch in the lounge

Students were able to dress up as characters from their teacher's favorite family movie... it was so cute to see classrooms full of little minions, princesses, pirates, and dalmatian puppies! Teachers also channeled their inner movie star and dressed up for some prizes donated from local stores. Here are some of them...

We had gift cards donated from Olive Garden, Applebees, a local cafe, but our grand prize was a movie package donated form Megaplex Theaters with 2 movie tickets, 2 mugs with refills, and a large popcorn coupon!

And the grand prize winner was....

Call me bias but I sure do love Frozen and we thought it was creative!
Also each morning we had the principal play a little Oscar music and announce a few awards over the speakers for teachers. It was a great way to spotlight everyone. Here were some of my favorites...

These teacher awards were so cute and funny! There was one to fit each teacher perfectly!
We went around to all the classrooms and delivered the certificates along with a little star trophy. The kids all clapped and cheered for their teachers, so adorable!
Well that pretty much wraps up our Teacher Appreciation week! I hope you know how grateful we all are! Each parent is so lucky to have such great teachers and staff at every school, you all are truly STARS! Thank you for the hours of hoard work, dedication, and everything you do for the children to help them learn and grow!

Photographs, event styling: Sweeten Your Day
Ticket tags, Personalized marque banner: AndersRuff
Funny Teacher Awards: Larry Weaver Entertainment 
Red curtain backdrop, red carpet runner, red tissue rope, star trophies: Oriental Trading
Swag bag treat tags: the Pretty Paperie
Dessert table labels - free download: Printabelle


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Where did you get the most of the decorations? Where did you get award certificates? Where can I get the red ropes and paparrazzi!

  2. Thank you so much! I updated the post with a list of vendors and their link. I hope that helps :)

  3. Crystal store has wide variety of crystal gifts bussiness .We Provide a advanced ambit of crystal blocks, crystal cubes,Star trophies ,Acrylic Trophies ,Awards and engraved crystal gifts for all occasions like gifting to near and dear ones like anniversaries and different trophies,Highly qualified professionals are there who dedicates their work in making crystal gifts.As soon as ordered is placed it is delivered.A nice gift to present

  4. How did you get the Red Box code?

  5. We did not get them donated but purchased them in bulk.

  6. Okay! Thanks! Loved all the pictures and ideas. So much fun!

  7. I love it!! I looked on the vendor list but couldn't find one for the food labels and tags for the gifts inside bags. Can you help me? Patty

    1. They were a free download from Printabelle, here is the direct link:

  8. Wow! This is amazing! So many ideas. I want to go to your school!

  9. Love this! would you mind sharing your You're a star sign? I would love to use it for our teachers. You did a great job!!

  10. I have looked everywhere for the stanchions and they are expensive or too complicated to make....I love yours. Can you tell me how you made them?

    1. Sure, they were super simple to make! Just a pvc pipe cut to your desired height (ours were about waist high) and then on top was a Styrofoam ball spray painted gold. For the base we just cut a hole in the center of a thick pie tin and secured the pvc pipe in it... I hope that helps!

    2. How did you make the red "rope"?

  11. Where did you find the poem?

    1. I found the poem from the blog Cricut My Way via pinterest, here is the link:

  12. Thank you for using my printables, I personalize any item for a small fee.

  13. I love the poem and the daily events flyer. How do I get these?

  14. How can I get the teacher flyer to put in mailbox?

  15. Love the daily flyer, How can i get it?

    1. Unfortunately I did not save the files in an editable pdf format. I am so sorry! They were originally created in Microsoft Word with various downloadable fonts and clipart free online.

  16. I love the door you did. How did you hang the fabric on there?

    1. I actually just used a red plastic table clothe and taped it to the door frame.

  17. Hi, thanks for using my printables. I don't make clip art, so I don't allow for editing my files, but if you'd like me to add the text for you, I'd be happy to do so for a small fee.

  18. What font did you use? Everything looks perfect and so much FUN :)

  19. Love your ideas. They are so creative. I'd love to duplicate your Popcorn Bar for our Teacher Appreciation Week at our school. Where did you find the jars and the labels you printed on front of each jar?

  20. For which item? There were a couple different ones I used, the ones I used the most were called Betty Noir, Park Lane NF, and Andes.

  21. I loved this blog!! Well, I was also looking for some new ideas of decorating NYC events venue, and truly here I got your post. You shared amazing and attractive ideas. Anyways, Where did you get all these ideas?

  22. For the walk of fame stars, did you laminate and just tape to the ground? Our school is an outdoor school, so it might need to be on pavement... just loved the idea but wanted to know how to keep those stars in shape for the week... or as long as possible! Thanks! Love the theme!

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I don't know how I would stick those to the school floor. :) Your budget must have been enormous with all those wonderful details! Great job!

    2. Thank you for your inquiry! We used clear contact paper to stick the printed stars to the floor. Hope that helps!

  23. I am wondering what you used to adhere the stars to the ground? It looks like a large sheet of adhesive???

    1. Thank you for your inquiry! We used clear contact paper to stick the printed stars to the floor. Hope that helps!

  24. How did you make the walk of fame? Did you laminate these?

  25. Thank you for your ideas! I will be doing this for our teacher appreciation in May. You mentioned that their were 92 teachers and staff total but, I noticed the food display is minimal. How did you accommodate everyone with the treats? Did you replenish the food items all day? Where the staff included with the food in the teacher's lounge? That is the problem I've run into in the past. Supplying the large quantities of food and making such a nice presentation.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question, yes we did restock the food throughout the day for the most part, but also that count of 92 included everyone. Some of the specialty teachers are not there all the time, some of the staff only works partial days, the custodial staff works after school, etc. So not everyone ate treats each day, it was mostly teachers, but some aids and other staff did. Also most everyone just took bits and pieces, not every single treat from the dessert bar. I hope that answers your question and helps in any way!

  26. What an amazing job!!! Where did you get the labels/sign for the popcorn jars? Your school is lucky to have you!

  27. What an amazing job! Where did you get the labels for the popcorn jars (and the sign for the popcorn bar)? Your school is lucky to have you!

  28. Hi! I SO LOVE what you did!! We too are using this theme and love all your ideas!! Have you posted where/if we can get any of your printables?!?

    1. I am curious on printables as well!

  29. Hi! I love everything you did for this event! where did you get the labels for the popcorn bar?

  30. Do you have a link for the walk of fame stars?

  31. Do you have a PDF for the teacher poem included in the swag bag? Thanks

  32. Love, love, LOVE everything! I decided on this same theme and your blog post has helped out so much! Are you willing to share some of the printables you made by chance? I would love that poem for sure!

  33. Where did you get the bags?

  34. I am looking for the walk of fame stars and the invitation? I am fine to purchase. Thanks Jeanne

  35. Thank you so much for all of your great ideas! We're doing the same theme and are using a bunch of your great ideas! So you've not only helped the staff at your school, but you've helped the staff at our school feel special as well! Thanks for posting so much to help so many others! Such great ideas! And you did such a great job! What a lucky school! :)

  36. You are SO talented! Can I ask where you got the "walk of fame" stars with teachers names on them made? I'd LOVE to copy this idea with the teachers names on the stars. Thank you SO much!!!

    1. I have had so many questions about the Walk Of Fame stars and how to do them, I updated my original post with how I did them. Please see above. Thanks so much for your time!

  37. I love this idea!!! I may just borrow it this year. FANTASTIC job!