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Thomas the Train Birthday

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thomas the Train 2nd Birthday

This party was done back in 2008 when my little boy was turning 2. At that time he was obsessed with Thomas the Train, so of course I had to go with it. Also it was quite simple (dessert bars and backdrops were really not a big thing yet), but it was still cute and a lot of fun.

Since he was not very old, I just took a few simple party games and put a Thomas spin on them. If you have seen any of the Thomas movies or read the books then these games make more sense. For the trains I found some coloring pages of the trains online and printed them off. I took them to Kinkos and got them enlarged. Then I painted them and got them laminated. After they were all done I just attached them to some large pieces of cardboard so they would stay up. Now we are ready for the games...

The Engine Shed

Good Job! Percy and James have been very useful engines. Please help give them a new coat of paint for all their hard work. The kids got on a plastic garbage bag smock, a little cup of paint with a brush and painted away!

After they where done, Percy and James looked splendid with their new coats of paint!

(The nice thing with having them laminated was that the paint just wiped right off with a damp clothe)

The Docks

Uh Oh! Cranky the Crane is feeling really cranky (even though he is smiling!). He dropped some packages he was unloading into the water! He needs your help to fish them out.
I made a fishing pole from stick, tied a sting to the end of the pole, and tied a large paper clip the the other end of the string. The first time each of the kids fished they got a cartoon fish or something silly just for fun. Then they went again, and everyone got a package. The package was addressed from Sir Topham Hatt, Tidmouth Station, Island of Sodor and addressed to A Very Useful Helper, Mason's Birthday Party, Salt Lake City, UT with a little stamp in the corner and lines through it. Inside the package was a red bandanna and conductor's hat.

Some of the adults wanted to join in!

The Quarry

Toby is having a lot of trouble. Those silly Troublsome Trucks have been very naughty and spilled coal all over the ground. Help clear the way and toss the coal back into the Truck. The coal was actually made of crumpled up newspaper and stuffed into grey stockings.

All the kids had fun playing, and I think that was just about the right amount to keep them all entertained. Now came time for cake.... I was going to attempt to do a full Thomas train, but as the days grew closer I decided to make a smaller, simpler cake and some cupcakes for the kids since I found some little Thomas the Train rings so I put those ontop of the cupcakes.

The cupcakes were a hit with the kids because they were all calling out which train they wanted. Here is my son about to enjoy a Percy cupcake... unfortunetly Percy was not edible!

For the party favors, I found a Thomas center piece and little cabooses party favor boxes. So I made some train tracks out of cardstock and lined them up to look like they were they were being pulled by Thomas. Inside the boxes were Thomas stickers, wooden train whistle, toy Thomas pocket watch, a container of play dough, and a train cookie cutter.

Well that was the first party that I really got into, but stay with me as I continue on and post some more of my parties and catch you all up to date!

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