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Monday, February 15, 2016

Cupid Airlines Classroom Party

Welcome back for another classroom party idea! These are quickly becoming one of my favorite events to do! I teamed up with my dear friend Anna Dawn again, she is going to be starting a new party line called Confetti Dreams coming soon so be on the look out for her fabulous designs! Speaking of designs, once I saw this adorable Valentine set from Gwynn Wasson Designs on Etsy my heart skipped a beat and I knew I HAD to use them! This set has SO MUCH, Gwynn seriously thought of everything! Now that we had our "Fly Away With Me" airplane theme, we set off to come up with fun treats and activities. Here is my party over view:
We decided on doing 5 different rotations for the party so the groups would be a little bit smaller and easier to manage. This party was planned for my daughter's kindergarten class, but Anna Dawn has a child in 5th grade. We planned the same theme, treats, but a few of the activities we did were different to fit the kids different ages. This theme is really versatile, the sky's the limit with all the things you could do to fit your needs!

First stop was Air Mail:
At this station kids made a valentine card for their teacher. They got creative with lots colored paper, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, etc. and put them in Mrs. Brun's mailbox. The things the kids wrote on and in the cards were so precious!
The next activity we called Now Boarding:
At last year's Wild About You class party we had the kids go on a little scavenger hunt around the school that was really fun, so we decided to try incorporate something similar again.
For this activity we gave the kids each a passport with an airline ticket. Also inside the passports was a sheet of stickers that looked like stamps from different countries.
The passports we got from Oriental Trading and just replaced to covers with ones made to match our party theme.
We had previously placed maps around the school with a sheet of information about that country, a flag, and also how they say "love" in that country (since it's Valentines Day
and all). The gate numbers on the Departure sign where
the classroom number that each city was by.
Check out these adorable tickets that you can edit yourself from SIMONE Made It! We used the school and class info, room number, and the time of the party to fill the ticket information.

Time to board the plane...
The chairs had pockets on them where the students keep their daily folders, so I took out the folders and put in a little magazine and air sickness bag for fun!
Inside was a little "i spy" game the kids could do while
they where waiting.
Avery was just a little excited to go "fly" around the school!

When the kids "landed" at each country, the flight attendant (parent helper) told them a little bit about that particular place and had them put the coordinating sticker on one of the pages in their passports. 
When the kids landed the next station they went to was
Flight School:

Runway 14 for Valentine's Day

For this activity the kids folded paper airplanes and tried to throw them through a heart shaped ring.
When they made it in they got their pilot wings!
We got pilot wings donate from JetBlue to give to all the kids, and covered the middle logo with a blue circle and red heart 
to tie in with our party colors.

So proud of her wings!
P.S. Don't mind the cat hat,
she loves it and wears it literally everywhere.
Next stop was the Craft Terminal:
At this station the kids made candy airplanes out of a stick of gum, smarties, lifesavers, and a rubber band. Sorry there are not more pics of this station, I was busy helping out and forgot to snap a picture until the party was all over. They also decorated their Valentine bags at this station too, the teacher was the one who put that together so there are no pics of that either but you can use your imagination :)
Last but not least was the In-Flight Service station:

The flight attendant (aka: parent helper) gave each child as they sat down some treats to eat while they colored their In Flight Entertainment place mats,
Eeek! How cute are these airplane forks!

Here comes the airplane...

If you have at least two helpers for this station then it really makes putting out the napkins, place mats, crayons, etc. a lot easier and faster in between the rotations... just a helpful hint.

We had a snack bar set up that the flight attendants would give kids treats from as they did their activity sheets. While the kids ate, they would also restock the snack bar to keep the layout simple.

Each kid got a cupcake, snack bag, cotton candy cone, lollipop, and juice box... can we say sugar overload! Most kids just ate their cupcakes, cotton candy, and drank their juice. We told them to put their lollipops in their valentine bags and eat those at home.

These Propeller Pops where my absolute fave!
They actually SPIN around!

The snack bags were pretzels mixed with some
 conversation hearts to give them a valentine touch.

We got unfrosted cupcakes from a local grocery store and I frosted them with store bought frosting and topped with little airplanes.
I love having special treats for the parents who come help out during these parties as a way to say thank you. Our compass cookies were not store bought so the kids could not eat them (our school had a policy on store bought treats only for classroom treats), but hand made (and SO delicious) by Anna Dawn
so they were perfect for the parents!
That completes our activities for the party but on the way out the door the kids stopped by the Baggage Claim and 
grabbed a favor to take home.
Oh my goodness, I still can't get over the cuteness 
of these little suitcases!
The middles slid open and inside were some mini globe chocolate balls, an airplane whizzing whistle, and a little card that said "the world is a better place with you in it."
Thank you for soaring over this party with us today and hope you enjoyed your flight! Check out some of the vendors below to recreate this party for your classroom or any other event...

Party styling and photographs: Sweeten Your Day
Party printables: Gwynn Wasson Designs
Spinning Dizzy Pops and chocolate globes: Candy Warehouse
Passports, country flags, airplane whizzers, crayon boxes, 
and red aviator hat: Oriental Trading


  1. Hello, where did you find the small luggage favor box? They are so cute!

    1. The luggage favor boxes were cut out from a pattern found on the Silhouette Store, hope that helps!