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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Harry Potter Trunk-or-Treat

As you may know from previous posts that we 
 are huge Harry Potter fans and I have been dying waiting for the new Fantastic Beasts movie to come out... I had an itch that needed to be scratched! Our wonderful church hosted another trunk-or-treat this year and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to release some of the anticipation! So here is a quick recap of our fun little Harry Potter themed trunk...
My two oldest wore robes and my for my youngest I just cut an slits into an old pillow case and she became our house elf... simple and quick costumes!
To decorate the trunk I used items from a Harry Potter party from a couple years ago as well as some items from my son's Harry Potter themed bedroom, so this trunk was easy and didn't cost much to do.
On the front of the table I printed off a large Hogwarts banner and crest from Printyca.
We had to hang some floating candles.
For treats we served up some of Honeydukes finest!
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
Droobles Best Chewing Gum
Exploding Bon Bons
Peppermint Toads
Dumbledore's favorite... Sherbet Lemons
and last but not least Chocolate Frogs!
Each of the frog boxes came with a famous witch or wizard card.
We stocked the table with the variety of the treats and just refilled the table as kids came along and picked one to take. The prep work of putting all the boxes together was a bit time consuming (approx. 150 different treats total) but was SO worth it!
The rest of the table was filled with potions, wands, owls, 
books, and lots of fun little items.
 It was such a fun night, and I can garuantee that this will not be our last Harry Potter celebration,
so check back often for more posts! 


Printable treat boxes were purchased from
  Printyca and Digital Design Chile

Monday, March 7, 2016

O-FISH-ally '3' Party!

I am SO EXCITED to share with you my youngest daughters 3rd birthday! I had so much fun planning this party inspired from this amazing printable set from Amanda's Parties To Go! Afton LOVES fish, she calls them "shishy", this set was so perfect from the bright vibrant colors to the goldfish theme.  
Please bare with me as I go through this party, there are lots of pictures and I don't want to miss a single detail...
First up when guests arrived we had fun little place settings for all the little friends to sit at and color, perfect for the age group.
Each setting had an edible goldfish pet! The cute little fish is a cake pop, the gravel in the bottom of each bowl is Candyfetti, and the seaweed is strips of edible wafer grass (available for Easter baskets). Eeeeek! I am dying over these!
An adorable coloring page to keep the little ones occupied.
We used boat wraps to cover small  cups and filled them with some crayons and a little goldfish on a rod for an accent.
One of my favorite elements was the centerpiece...
Using cutouts from Amanda's printable set, we placed them in a fish bowl with 3 live goldfish! 
I am such a sucker for Krazy Straws! They are such a fun way to dress up your drinks, these goldfish ones will always have a special place in my heart...
And lastly each place setting had a little bag of fishy kisses.
The dessert table we set up for this party is my absolute favorite to date! I wanted to create a display that the treats were actually a part of so it was one cohesive design... I think we nailed it! 
Guests enjoyed coming up and picking edible elements off the table!
In the center of the table was a mini 6" cake that I made to match the cupcake wrappers and topped with mini cutouts from the printable set.
On each side of the cake were stands with cupcakes on them, with coordinating wrappers and cupcake toppers.
We accented the table with printable seaweed cutouts and seaweed that the guests could eat. The edible seaweed were strips of sour candy weaved on to skewers,
the best tasting seaweed I have ever had! 
I also used the large printable goldfish cutouts to place all around the table varying in different heights to give them the look as
though they were swimming...
At each end of the table where tall jars of
pink chocolate balls and orange taffy.
My amazing friend from Confetti Dreams, Anna Dawn, created these amazing sea shell and  goldfish cookies to match the printables. They were absolute perfection! 
The fish cookies were propped up against blue candy ribbon waves along the base of the dessert table. 
and how stinkin' cute are these gold dipped rock candy coral sticks!
Donuts seem to be the 'it' treat this year so I had to include these super cute mini pink ombre colored donuts on the table...
The base of the table was covered with TONS of crushed graham crackers, so even the ground was edible!
One of the last treats we had one the table were these cute little chocolate covered Oreos.
 To make them I melted blue chocolate candies, poured them over Oreos in a mold. Once they hardened I put a thin layer of more blue melted chocolate on the top and dipped them in the same Candyfetti mixture that was in the mini goldfish bowls and topped with another chocolate molded sea shell.
Here's just a little bit more eye candy...
The birthday girl only had eyes for the treats!
I loved this cute little gold fish bow in her hair.
She may have snatched a cupcake when I wasn't looking 
before the party started... what could I do, it is her birthday after all!
The last table we had set up were for the party favors.
These GIANT goldfish balloons were so much fun, 
I wish I had ordered more of them for the party!
Guests took home these adorable little pink pails filled with goldfish crackers and a goldfish in a bag soap favor.
These goldfish bags with coordinating tags where seriously so cute!
Afton loved the giant fish balloons! 
She kept giving them fishy kisses... 
I love this silly little girl so much! Happy birthday sweetie!

Party styling and photographs: Sweeten Your Day
Goldfish printable party set: Amanda's Parties To Go
Goldfish cake pops: Mom's Killer Cake Pops
Candyfetti: SweetsIndeed
Seashell and goldfish cookies:
Mini ombre donuts, gold dipped rock candy: Sparkling Sweet Shop
Candy ribbon, green sour candy belts, 
pink wrapped kisses: Candy Direct
Goldfish krazy straw: Krazy Straws
Goldfish soap favors: Gems By Jeff n Me