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Thursday, December 12, 2013

'BE UGLY' Christmas Party

This year we hosted an Ugly Sweater Christmas party with some of our friends. It was a blast and I think it will become an annual tradition! Here are the fun invites we sent out...
Everyone brought a dish to share so we started the party off visiting and eating yummy food, and of course I had to do some festive desserts!
I had the pleasure of working with Kat from That Party Girl on Esty. She created the invites and all printables for the party. She was so great and was also able to create some custom signs to fit my idea to perfection!
I ordered these sweater cookies from ccSweets
They were so adorably-ugly and delicious!
Chocolate covered Oreos from Sweet Temptaions
I made a red velvet bundt cake with cream cheese icing topped with an ugly sweater
My version of a 'Nothing Bundt Cake'
I also made these incredibly easy and delicious Eggnog Ice Cream parfaits wrapped with a cute little scarf and topped with little hats. You can get the recipe here from Betty Crocker.
A little hot chocolate to help keep warm
Even the whipped cream was dressed for the occasion!

For activities we played "Reverse Christmas Charades". The way you play the game is the same way as regular charades, but instead on one person getting up and acting out the word/phrase everyone on that team except one person acts it out and that one person sitting out has to try and guess what it is.... for example one was the Christmas song "Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer" and one person acted like an old lady crossing a road and some of the other people were reindeer and ran her over. There were other things like decorating a Christmas tree, building a snowman, a mall Santa, etc.I hope that all makes sense!
This game was great because it was so funny and everyone got involved, no one felt awkward being up there. With all the excitement I kept forgetting to take pictures of everything that was going on, sorry I guess you will just have to try it yourself!
We also did a white elephant gift exchange, always a blast, and had an ugly sweater contest. 
everyone voted for the ugliest one and placed their vote in a tissue box that I covered with an old sweater
We handed out bottles of sparkling cider (since we don't drink alcohol) wearing ugly sweaters and a cute little hat for the prizes.
Winner of the ugliest sweater... so ho ho ugly!
We also set up a little photo prop station for those who wanted to pose in their all their ugliness!

The hubs and I in our ugly sweaters
I was able to find my turtle neck and retro Christmas vest at a thrift store for $5! My hubby has loved the Simpons ever since he was a kid, so I sewed one of his slippers on his sweater and hot glued on the words.
Thanks for checking out our party and hope you all have
an Ugly Little Christmas too!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rainbow Dash Pony Party

This year my sweet little daughter wanted a My Little Pony theme for her birthday party, and her absolute favorite pony is Rainbow Dash! So I focused more on her for the main elements and fun details. Being a mom I have watched more that a fare share of kids TV shows (I have to admit that I actually kind of enjoy it) so I was pretty familiar with the characters. 

When the guests arrived they each got a Cutie Mark
I printed a bunch of different cutie marks on tattoo paper so the kids could pick something to fit their personalities.
We put them on their cheeks - not their flanks!
Then they got a pair a Pegasus wings
I made a variety of sizes and colors of wings following this simple tutorial here.
Here are pics of some of the girls all pony-fied
birthday girl all Dashed out of course!
Now time for games!
EXACTLY ON! I think someone was peeking....
Next was the Cloudsdale Obstacle Course - 
Rainbow Dash wants nothing more to be a Wonderbolt so we set up an obstacle course 
made out of clouds from her home Cloudsdale... 
The kids had to run and jump over/duck under all the clouds in 
(Rainbow thinks she can do anything is 10 seconds flat) to become a Wonderbolt!
Once the kids completed the course they were given their Wonderbolt Wings.
After all that running it was time for treats...
Rainbow Dash dessert table!
The main focal was my daughter's Rainbow Dash cake
We also had cupcakes with her Cutie Mark as well...
I had to find a way to include Rainbow Dash's pet turtle named Tank.
Rainbow is very loyal to all her friends and it is her 
'Element of Harmony'
She also likes to lounge around on clouds - 
I absolutely adore these cotton candy lollipops!
Rainbow is the only pony to ever create a Sonic Rainboom!
I made rainbow colored macarons - so yummy!
We also served Raindrop Drinks with rainbow striped straws and flags since the Pegasus ponies are the ones who help control all the rain clouds and weather.
There was one last activity for the kids to do while they snacked...
They each got a blank pony and got to color and decorate them anyway they wanted.
Green is the birthday girl's favorite color... 
At end the party each kid was sent home with some totally awesome 
Rainbow Dash party favors....
Rainbow Dash inspired favor boxes were filled with candy.
Some sweet shades will make anyone look 20% cooler
Thanks for checking out my daughter's special birthday party. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Party styling, photographs, cake, macarons, 
cupcakes and toppers - Sweeten Your Day 
Printable Tattoo Paper - Amazon 
Pegasus wing tutorial - Bad Wolf Cosplay 
Cloud and rainbow cutouts - Shindigz
Pin the Cutie Mark game - Creative Party Games
Cotton Candy Lollipops - Dolly's Sweet Cotton Candy
Rainbow striped straws - Sweet Estelle's
French square plastic bottles - Bloom Designs Online
Rainbow Dash themed favor boxes - Shnookers
Rainbow lollipops and sunglasses - Oriental Trading
Design Your Own Pony - Ebay