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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Great Pumpkin Classroom Party

Here we go again! 
I just had so much fun doing my son's classroom parties last year that I signed up to be the 'room mom' again this year, but it is for my daughters kindergarten class. Kindergartners are on a completely different level than 3rd graders, so keep that in mind when you check out this years classroom activities... 
they are much more simpler.

When I got an email from Oriental Trading featuring the new stock Peanuts products for the holidays I just new I had to use them! The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is one of our families favorite Halloween movies :) So without further intro here is our Great Pumpkin Classroom Party:

To start the party off we watched the movie, it is only about 20 minutes long, perfect length to keep the kindergartners attention and not take up too much time for the rest of the party.
The kids munched on bags of popcorn during the show...
We mixed those mini candy corn style pumpkins with the popcorn for a fun movie treat. 
After the movie the kids separated into 4 groups to rotate around the classroom for different 10 minute activities, about 40 minutes total for all the kids to complete all rotations. For the activities I tried to create some that would tie in with the movie... I know a little OCD!
For the first activity we set up a Linus' pumpkin patch in the classroom, this was my absolute favorite element of the party!
We filled the patch with cupcakes decorated to look like pumpkins for their treat, did I mention how much I just loved this!
As a retired cake decorator it drives me nuts that I can't make treats at home and take them to the school, everything has to be store bought.... that being said I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up the cupcakes I ordered from our local grocery store. I thought they turned out wonderfully!
For this station the kids picked a pumpkin cupcake from the patch and colored some fun Peanuts coloring pages while they ate. 
The kids each got their own small pack of 
crayons to color with and take home.
We included some blank comic strips too for the kids to 
fill in their own words if they wanted :)
Totally in love with the napkins!
Oh, and here is a picture of the cute little table clothes :)
The next rotation was bobbing for apples...
Now I personally think bobbing for apples in a big 
community bucket is absolutely disgusting!!! 
So instead I went to the dollar store and picked up 8 plastic tubs so the kids could bob for their own individual apple. After each rotation we did a quick wash and refill with a new apple and water, 
it worked out great!
My own cute little Rainbow Dash bobbling for her apple :)
After that we had a fun little Snoopy game.
For this station I used my kids stuffed Snoopy with a Flying Ace costume we got from Kholes a couple years ago, knew it would come in handy some day! 
I also picked up this super adorable dog house from Build A Bear! They have lots of Peanuts themed merchandise right now for the new movie so it was perfect.
Each kid took multiple turns trying to shoot Snoopy off of his dog house. I know, so simple, but they enjoyed it!
And for the last rotation the kids made sucker ghosts.
I thought that this was perfect because it was simple enough for them to do and also tied into the movie with the kids wearing ghost costumes when they went trick-or-treating.
I used the tutorial from Lynlee's trunk or treat to make these fun little characters from the movie to stand around this activity, 

Oriental Trading also had these adorable Snoopy headband crafts that I just had to get so I included them into the sucker making station which made the timing perfect for the kids!
That is it for this years Halloween class party, I hope you enjoyed, I know I had lots of fun doing it! But I have to thank Charles Schulz for creating such lovable characters many years ago that I have enjoyed as a child and now have the pleasure of 
sharing with my own children.
Also just little tip that made it so easy for us to pull of this party.... lots of parent helpers!!! We had around 8 parents come and help, so I put 2 in charge of each station to help the kids with their activity and also set up the crafts, apple bobbing, and place settings after each rotation. It was so nice to have the many mom's come and help... I got to mosey around taking pictures and make sure all the stations were running smoothly :) 

Party styling and photographs: Sweeten Your Day Events
Party supplies, plates, napkins, crayons, backdrop and standee, headband craft, table clothes, and  popcorn bags: Oriental Trading
water bottle labels: Tops and Bottles
Charlie Brown pattern inspired table signs: Piggy Bank Parties
Printable Coloring pages: Cartoon Jr.