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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ghost Buster Birthday Party

We celebrated my son's 6th birthday last July
 and I completely forgot to post it, I blame it on pregnancy brain! 
Anyway during the summer Mason was really into the Ghost Buster movie, so I wasn't too surprised when the idea came up. He thinks that it is just hilarious! So we watched the movie again to get some ideas for the party. 
Here is a peak at the invite...
There is one part in the movie where Slimer pops out of a hot dog cart with a mouth full of hot dogs, the instant I saw that I knew what we were going to be serving...
A local party/event rental store had a hot dog cart! SO PERFECT!
But is just wouldn't be complete without Slimer!
Slime Dogs!
I filled one of the ketchup bottles with green ketchup (aka: slime). Some of the kids loved it, others thought it was gross!
And you can't have a party without a dessert table anymore, so I did a pretty simple one because I wasn't feeling the greatest around the time of the party. 
Slimed ghost cake and cupcakes 
Chocolate covered oreos to match the color scheme
Marshmallow Pops

Slime jello
and ghost cake pops
I made silly little faces on each one just for fun :)
We also had some Ectoplasm to drink for those brave few...
I came up with a few activities that tied into the movie for the kids...
The kids built little Marshmallow Men out of toothpicks, various marshmallow sizes and colored them with edible ink markers.
Mason's Mallow Man!
Next was slime!
The kids loved this one! It doubled as an activity and a party favor. They got to make and color their own slime using a few ingredients. Then we put their slime in a little container with a logo to take home  later.
Favor table
Ghost trap favor boxes filled with sour gummy candies
Proton Silly String Streams
I also made proton packs for all the kids out of gift boxes and other various items. These were the biggest hit of the party!
The proton cans attached to the triggers on the proton packs so the kids could pull the trigger and out shoot the beams.
All the kids suited up and going Bustin'
Around the corner at the park lurked....
It was SO SO SO fun to watch the kids just attack! Silly string was shooting everywhere!
 I think they got him alright!
Well that wraps up the party for the most part. Alot of decorations and ideas were simplified or completely left out because I was just icky, but it turned out fine and all the kids had a blast! But I have to give a HUGE thanks to Jenny of Bloom Designs for all her fabulous custom work on all the party signs and labels! She was so great to work with and her details were amazing!  I hope you enjoyed a peak into Mason's 6th birthday party!

Party Styling and photographs: Sweeten Your Day Events
Cake, cupcakes and toppers, treats and cake pops: Sweeten Your Day
Hot Dog cart sign, activity signs, silly string can labels, invites, and cake pop tags: Bloom Designs
Hot Dog Cart Rental: Diamond Rental
Ghost Trap favor box FREE printable: CyberDrone 
Ghostbuster costume, adult Marshmallow Man costume, and Slimer: Celebrate Express
Chocolate covered Oreos: Sweeties by Kim
Ectoplasm punch recipe:


  1. Awwwww...sooooo cute!

    It's heartwarming to read this. Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and other heroes come and go, but the 'Busters will live on.

  2. Mason is a hell of a lucky young boy, I tell you. Because this party just went off the roof, by the level of ideas, skills and passion that were put in it. You sir won a Internetz ! :)

  3. awesome party...i plan all year round for my two son's bday party...this march we are habing a country fair theme...but next year is ghostbusters and i wanted to know....what "gun" did you use to connect the silly string to? would love to know how it works and is done pretty pretty please...thanks!

    1. I went to Home Depot in the paint department and they have little 'trigger' things you can put on the top of spray cans that I used. They fit perfect and great for all ages to use! I hope that makes sense and helps, thanks for checking out our party :)

  4. I wanted to drop you a quick comment to let you know that I loved looking over your party ideas. We just threw a GB party for our son and the Cubies came in very handy! Thank you!
    I've added your blog link to my post about our party.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your darling party! So glad that I could help inspire you :)

  5. I have done super hero character entertainment at kids birthday parties for 14 years and have been to literally thousands of kid's birthday parties and I can honestly say this looks like one of the greatest birthday parties of all time.

  6. amazing as usual! love all the stuff you did!

  7. Hi Jen!

    This is absolutely amazing! I have a 4 year old that has become a Ghostbusters fanatic and now I'm scrambling to plan a birthday with this theme. Could you please provide insight into how you made the proton packs for everyone?

    1. YES! I actually have pictures of all the steps and was going to post a tutorial but completely forgot! So thank you for reminding me and I will try and get that up by the next couple of days :)

  8. Do you have a link for the paper wraps you put around the silly string?

  9. And I'm dying to see the tutorial too! Thanks so much!

  10. I'm interested in the proton packs too!!!

  11. Here is the proton pack tutorial:

    Hope that helps :)

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  14. Love love love every detail of this party! Where did you find the slime containers? Do you sell any of your labels (slime label, silly string label, marshmallow box label, etc)??? Thanks so much!!!!! Can't wait to hear back. We are throwing a GB themed Halloween party!

    1. Hi Kristi! I got the slime containers on etsy, can't remember what shop though, sorry! For the lables, I found one of the symbols from google and printed them on sticker paper. The silly string can labels were custom created by Jenny from Bloom Designs - You can contact her for purchase information. And the marshmallow box I purchased on Amazon. I hope that helps and please let me know if I can help out in any other way! Hope you have a great Halloween party!

  15. This party is fantastic! I used to love watching this movie as a kid and the details you have put into this are awesome. I love the huge marshmallow man...that is hilarious!!!!

  16. Love love everything! Will start working on proton packs!
    Thank you for sharing

  17. What did you use the triggers out of for proton packs?

  18. What size paper did you use to make the Ghost trap?

  19. How did you make the slime?

  20. how big are the ghost traps? The download from Cyberdrone seems very small...any help would be great.

    Thank you

  21. Where did you find green ketchup? Did you make it yourself? I know hienz used to make colored ketchup but that was like 15 years ago lol

    1. Last year Burger King restaurants had specialty packets of green ketchup on St. Patrick's day so we stocked up, that is where we got them from but I suppose you could try dying some green and see how it goes :) Good luck!

  22. Hello I really don't have a lot of time the party will be about 10 days from now. Is their a phone number to call and order some stuff for about 20 kids.

    1. She made most of it herself and left links to everything at the bottom. Parties this elaborate require a couple months of planning so you can have time to make everything yourself. Otherwise you can maybe look on etsy and hope they have rush shipping.

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  24. Sorry to bother you, how did you make the backpacks is there a step by step direction somewhere? I am not handy but love this idea.
    Thank you

  25. Where did you find the slider mask to place in hot dog cart?
    Thank you

  26. Sorry to bother but where dis you find the slimmer figure for the hot dog cart?

  27. Hi...any son has a gb party coming up in march and would like to use alot of ur ideas..but I have no idea where to purchase any of it..slime containers..labels..what was the recipe for the drink, signs,slimmer..traps??